Ted Hitch

Lord Aeck Sargent Architects                       Smith Dalia Architects                           G+G Architects

Ted Hitch offers his unique perspective as a well-rounded designer with myriad interests ranging from urban renewal, landscape design and the developing sustainable building industry, to artistic expression, modern design, and history and the lessons it teaches.

As a project architect at LAS, Hitch is versed in working with clients from early concept phases through construction documents and well into construction administration to project completion. Hitch has most recently been involved with urban multi-family and mixed use developments bringing his modeling skills in the BIM program REVIT to complicated construction systems.

Lord Aeck Sargent, having multiple practice areas, has provided Hitch with the opportunity to expand his exposure to a variety of building types, including a Higher Education Science Research Vivarium facility, Higher-Ed student housing, College Student Center, adaptive-use conversion, and a Pre-cast and curtain wall data-center.

Exposed to a variety of building types at Smith Dalia Architects, Hitch worked on construction documents for the renovation of the historic 1926 Piedmont Park Bathhouse and the 1950s Contemporary-style Decatur Fire Station No.1. He has rendered design and production for the eon at Lindbergh condominiums in Buckhead and White Provision major adaptive use on Atlanta’s west side, both successful urban developments.

I moved to Atlanta in 1995 to study Architecture at Georgia Tech. I’ve lived in seven different neighborhoods in Atlanta and have enjoyed watching the changes in our city. I’m proud to have contributed, in a positive way, to the growth and revitalization of Atlanta in a professional role and as a member of the East Atlanta Neighborhood Land-Use and Zoning Committee, and now as a member of the Atlanta Tree Conservation Commission. TH



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